Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pray With Out Ceasing

I often listen to testimonies of Christians on the radio, specifically the program Unshackled. While very encouraging, their stories often make me feel guilty also. It seems like the person in the story always spends hours of their day in prayer and Bible reading. While I have the desire to spend more time in prayer, it always seems that "life" gets in the way! How am I supposed to "pray with out ceasing" ( I Thessalonians 5:17) when there are dishes and laundry and school and bills and kids who want me to read them a book?

Then as I was going through some papers from my school days recently, I came across the following devotion:

Pray With Out Ceasing
Lack of proper food for the body causes anemia. Lack of meditation with God causes spiritual weakness. That is why we are exhorted to pray with out ceasing. But how?
This answer comes from a devout Filipino Christian: "I farm with my hand on the plow, my eyes on the furrow, but my mind on God."
This was a Negro servant's answer: "While I wash de clothes, I ask de Lord to wash hearts whiter than snow. While I irons 'em, I reminds Him of de problems and troubles that need ironing out. While I wash de pots and pans and make them shine, I just ask Him to make me shine for Him. While I sweeps de flo', I jest ask Him to sweep out fault findin' from de hidden corners of mah heart so He can bless - and He always does."

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